Beautiful destinations. Amazing travels. And memories of a lifetime. When it comes to breathtaking moments there are quite a few places around the world that live up to the hype. Stunning hotels, lavish resorts and memorable experiences which meet our expectations and even surpass them. No matter how much you've travelled so far, no matter how many places you have seen or how many cultures you've experienced there's still room for improvement.    


ICONICSTAYS is proud to be your guide in discovering these amazing hotels & resorts, experiences and people. We are not only reviewing 5-star properties, but we are also focusing on the individuals who are shaping the hospitality industry. CEOs, Executives or owners, they all take center stage in our iconic "People" section. With "Experiences" we are inviting you to discover events bound to stir your emotions, whether it's a flight with a business jet or a blast through Europe driving some of the most famous sportscars around. If you want to be amazed, our "WOW Factor" section ticks the bill. Easily. Last, but not least, we will keep you updated with the latest developments in the hospitality industry through the dedicated "News" section.


And there's even more. If you like a hotel, a resort or a certain experience you've read about on ICONICSTAYS booking it is one click away! All you have to do is press the "Book it now" button, fill in the form and your request will reach our dedicated agents. 


Get ready for iconic moments. Unforgettable. 

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"Travel is more than having a destination in mind; it's discovering a place in your heart you've never been before."

Mark Amend


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